451st Bombardment Group (H) 15th Air Force

Photo Gallery


Colonel Robert E.L. Eaton, CO of 451st Bomb Group

JonesMajor Donald T. Jones, Group Executive Officer 

QuillenCaptain Monroe C. Quillen, Group Operations Officer

BeaneCaptain James B. Beane, CO of 724th Bomb Squadron

EvansCaptain Clayton E. Evans, CO of 727th Bomb Squadron

HQ PersonnelHeadquarters personnel at Geneva, Nebraska October 1943

L-R: Lt. Robert B. N. Peck; Lt. Frederick W. Hughes; Lt. Wm. N. Dwyer; Lt. Herbert F. Marco; Lt. Howard A. Leeser; Maj. Leonard J. Rohrs; Lt. Danial J. Coffey; Maj. Donald T. Jones; Mr. Edward Reich; Col. Robert E. L. Eaton; Lt. Howard D. Steinwinter; Capt. Linnon R. Blackmon; Lt. Luther W. Bradley; Capt. Clyde L. Wagner; Lt. Ralph A. Byers; Capt. Wm. H. McManus; Lt. Wm. McNeil

PiombinoCrews at briefing on Piombino mission

Gioia De Colle Field

Gioia De Colle Field 2 January - 5 March 1944

Castelluccio Field

Castelluccio Field in May 1944

Col. Lee & Col. Eaton

Col. Lee, CO of the 49th Bomb Wing, presenting the Distinguished Flying Cross to Col. Eaton 9 May 1944

Col. Eaton

Col. Robert E. L. Eaton awaiting the return of his "boys", July'44

100th Mission Crew

100th Mission Crew on August 10, 1944

Standing L-R: Lt. Kacena; Lt. Taussig; Maj. Byer; Maj. Hughes; Capt. Tuney; Col. Eaton

Squatting L-R: T/Sgt. Kornegay; T/Sgt. Petrovic; T/Sgt. Rhoads; T/Sgt. Dieter; S/Sgt. Westerburg

Lt. Col. James B. Knapp

Lt. Col. James B. Knapp, 451st Bomb Group CO

Flying Boxcar

727th Bomb Squadron Patch

Captain Tudor & Burma Bound

Captain George Tudor fights to keep Burma Bound in the air after suffering flak damage on a mission to Vienna, 7 Oct, '44.  Seven men were wounded, but a successful emergency landing was made on Vis.  See "Plan Baker Red Force = A Mission to Vienna" in the Stories section for more on this mission.


Lt. Theodore Rogal, co-pilot in the 726th Squadron


William J. Wissert

Captain George TudorCaptain George Tudor

Crew of Extra Joker

Extra Joker's Crew

Standing L-R: Ray Fisher, Radio Operator/Waist Gunner; Bob Donavan, Bombadier; Gus Meissner, Co-Pilot; George Tudor, Pilot; Nate Firestone, Navigator

 Squatting L-R: Lin Miller, Flight Engineer/Waist Gunner; Dick Moreau, Nose Turret Gunner; Orville Richey, Tail Gunner; Ted Gosinski, Top Turret Gunner; Harold Graham, Ball Turret Gunner

Extra Joker Crew 2

L-R: Noonan, Bernard Suhl, M/Sgt. Frank Clark, Crew Chief, Extra Joker


 Extra Joker Crew 3

Standing L-R: Ray Fisher, Radio Operator/Waist Gunner; Gus Meissner, Co-Pilot; George Tudor, Pilot; Ted Gosinski, Top Turret Gunner

 Squatting L-R: Harold Graham, Ball Turret Gunner; Orville Richey, Tail Gunner

Crew 89 Win Jones

Crew 89

Front L-R: Bernard L. Waltd, Tail Gunner; Paul V. “Andy” Anderson, Ball Turret Gunner; Winson “Big” Jones, Top Turret Gunner; James E. Burns, Radio/Waist Gunner; Jack “Little” Jones, Nose Turret Gunner; Ernest W. Atkins, Engineer/Waist Gunner

Back L-R: Lt. Kett, Navigator; Samuel L. Dickey, Bombardier; Peter K. Dufault, Co-Pilot; Gerald D. Hopkins, Pilot

727th Ordinance Section

727th Squadron Ordinance Section

Picture taken at Castellucio Air Field

1st Row L-R: Unknown officer (not in our section), Lt. Robert O'Brien, Ed Morosi, Lavern Groves, Les Bear, Hugh Ward.

2nd Row L-R: Edwin Breen, Lou Jeaudoin, William Reese, Jack Odgers, Vince Kelly, Art Parker, Abe Stolzenberg, Bob Furgason (transferred to flight crew - shot down).

3rd Row L-R: Joe Urban, Andy Drnjevich, Charlie Pyles, Nate Trokie.

4th Row L-R: Ken Bright, Jewell Housewright, Dom. Colantonio, Bill Dean, Fred Grimm, Tony Defino, Pete Cardone, Joe Wojciechowski, Tom Gallagher, John Gundrum, John Henthorn


Photographers & Lab Techs

Photographers & Lab Techs

1st Row L-R: Unknown, Werberg, Wagner, Dwyer, Ennis, Obier, Pachter, Barton.

2nd Row L-R: Necroth, Prado, White, Woodman, Plessner, Trask, Stoutsenberg.

3rd Row L-R: Humphries, Mather, Lynch, Unknown, Hotchskiss, Rogers, Tribbett, Mass, Unknown.

Ken Whiting and crew

Lt. Ken Whiting and crew.  Most pictured above were lost in battle on August 23, 1944.  See "Saga of the Extra Joker" for more info in the Stories section. "The Ole Boy" is Elmer J. Anderson.

Extra Joker Memorial Plaque



1st Lt. Frank Tedesco 

Dennis Adams

Dennis Adams Names

Don W. Robinson and crew

S. Sgt. Dick L. Moreau

S/Sgt. Dick L. Moreau graduates from Harlingen Gunnery School

Ray Beatty Crew

Ray Beatty Crew

1. Ray M Beatty (Pilot) K.C. MO, 2. Richard McLean (Nose Gunner)  Norfolk, VA, 3. George Pappas (Martin), Long Island, NY, 4. Merle Dupee  (Bail Turret), Detroit, MI, 5. Thomas E. Fisher (Engineer),  Pecos, TX, 6. Leonard H. Erickson (Tail Gunner), Eau Claire, WI, 7. Winston Humphrey (Co-Pilot), Louisville, KY, 8. John Buck (Navigator), Baltimore, MD, 9. Wayland W. Gray (Radio Operator), Indianapolis, IN

Lt Beaucond & Crew

Lt. Maurice Beaucond and crew

Crew of "Big Boober Girl"

Crew of "Big Boober Girl"

Standing: Lt. Keith Schutt-Navigator, Lt. Charles E. Cook-Bombadier, Lt. Dawson K. Hargrove-Co Pilot, Lt. Roger G. Sprowls-Pilot

Kneeling: Sgt. Hugh Holcomb-L Waist Gunner, Sgt. Carl Adams-Tail Gunner, T/Sgt. Archie Piirainen-Eng. & Top Turret Gunner, T/Sgt. Robert Hensley-Radio Operator & Turret Gunner, S/Sgt Erwin Bokelman, S/Sgt. Clarence Wheeler-Ball Turret Gunner

Lt. Milliren and Crew

Lt. Milliren and Crew2

Lt. Ed Milliren and Crew

George R. Leek

George R. Leek

Hoyt Simons & George R. Leek

Hoyt Simons & George R. Leek

Lew Morse & Alexander Kuras

Alexander Kuras, Lew Morse, Unknown

Roemer & Anstett

Captain Roemer & Larry Anstett

Crew of "Merry Barbara"

Crew of "Merry Barbara 2"

Crew of "Merry Barbara"

2nd Lt. Albin "Bud" Hilde

2nd Lt. Albin "Bud" Hilde

Thanksgiving 1944

Thanksgiving Dinner 1944

Christmas 1944

Christmas Program 1944

Herb Guiness and crew

Captain Herb Guiness and crew

Ten Aces & a Queen

Partial Crew of "Ten Aces & a Queen"

Standing: Lt. William C. Billy Buchanan (far right)

Kneeling: Sgt. Andrew Carr (2nd from left)

Others: Thomas Brun, Theodore Rhody, Wilbert Sunman, Michael Kupco, Earl Geisel, Rocco Changelo


Ten Aces & a Queen

Radio Operator and Waist Gunner Dean E. Burns

Crew of Cravin Raven 

Crew of Cravin Raven

Top Row, Left to Right: Frank “Pop” Glasser (Waist Gunner), James Mcknight (Crew Chief & Top Turret Gunner), Garrold E. (Gary) Wheeler (Co-pilot), Charles V. Williams (Bottom Ball Turret), Sidney B. Pinney (Tail Turret Gunner), John D. Haldane (Bombardier)

Second Row, Left to Right: Mario Rodriguez (Waist Gunner), Lloyd L. Sprockett (Nose Turret Gunner), Charles R. Ramsey (Waist Gunner and Navigator), Terrell “Pep” Prewitt (Command Pilot)

Leo Stoutsenberger

Staff Photographer Leo Stoutsenberger